About Company

Thank you for your interest in our company.
RUSELT group is a group of well-established companies on the Russian electrical equipment market:
- RUSELT Engineering LLC
- Electromash CJSC
- Elko LLC
Together with the leading Russian, CIS and EU producers we manufacture and sell electrical products for various purposes under the RUSELT trademark (certificate number 286162 ROSPATENT of 06.04.2005.)
We use constantly growing dealer network in the Russian Federation and CIS countries to distribute the RUSELT group products. We also provide technical support to our customers through the service centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities.
RUSELT group has big engineering experience in electrical equipment protection systems. We constantly enlarge the range of our products and broaden engineering and maintenance services for our customers.
The main areas of the company’s activity are:
- Design and manufacture of industrial and household-type voltage regulators
- Design and manufacture of AC/DC uninterruptable power systems
- Design and manufacture of reactive power compensators
- Design and manufacture of dry-type transformers
- Design and manufacture of electrical distribution panels, electrical distribution cabinets, control blocks, and other types of automatic controls
- Manufacture of frequency drive systems; asynchronous and synchronous motors soft-starters
- Distribution of transformer substations and its equipment
- Design and manufacture of equipment for monitoring and diagnostic of electric motors
- Distribution of flameproof industrial motor engines
- Distribution of pumping equipment adjusted to the customer’s technical requirements
RUSELT group focuses on designing, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance service of high quality power supply systems.
Here are the main types of RUSELT group products:
- One- and three-phase constant voltage regulators; series Shtil, STS-3, STS-5, STEM-2, SPN, SDT (1-2000 kV/Amp)
- AC/DC uninterruptable power systems; series Shtil, Istok (1-800 kV/Amp)
- Power-factor correction unit; series KRM (0,4,6,10 kV, 10-10 000 kV/Amp)
- Electrical distribution panel; series KRM (0,4,6,10 kV, 10-10 000 kV/Amp)
- Dry-type transformers; series TS, TS3, TS3V, TSGL (0,4,6,10 V, 10-5 000 kV/Amp)
- Electric motors soft starters (220, 380, 660, 1100, 3000, 6000, 10000 V, 1- 5000 kV/Amp)
- Switchboards and commutation equipment

Our fundamental criteria for designing and producing equipment are:
- Compliance with the current safety requirements
- Providing high reliability and long operating life of our equipment (up to 15-20 years)
- Involving modern element base and energy saving technologies 
- Modular constructing system
- Providing complex solutions on qualitative power supply
- Easy accessible service maintenance and technical support
RUSELT group’s motto is “We manage electricity safely and with ease”.

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